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A good bit of hail encounters, couple nice tornado days, a crazy supercell, bugnadoes, optics, auroras, over a million snow geese again, historic flood, etc.....not a crazy storm year for me but enough special events to be content.


A year of all or nothing for me. Either caught a big time storm or just not much. Highlighted by crazy winter stuff early, Wakita tornado, Bowdle beast tornado, Dupree tornado machine and the world record hail producer near Vivian SD. I'd seen very little in the way of good stuff from SD, yet this year most all of it was there.


A much better year for me and storms than the last few. Only regrets are screwing up several close tornado intercept possibilities.


Not a lot of good storms. My skills as a chaser I think are going backwards! The last 3 years haven't been wonderful storm years as it is, but I'm not helping things. Anyway, there are a few other cool things seen in 2008.


Well, the good storms were pretty much over by May 5th. Much like 2006, May and June 2007 truly sucked. I messed up a lot of the early period, so my year as a whole sucked. I did get some big tornadoes March 28 though, and of course several other cool sky situations and storms. I had more fun with lightning this year than ever before and plan to continue that in 2008. With another big ice storm, an amazing fog outing, capturing lightning almost hitting Devil's Tower, intense mammatus, and a few cool storms, the year was fairly enjoyable photography-wise....even if I know I blew most of the chases(all 47 or so of them and about 22,000 miles). Well I guess I didn't miss much after early May, since there wasn't much to miss. I nailed the crappers from there on out I guess, lol. Chasing...


Not a fantastic year for big supercells, that is for sure. 1999 through 2012 I'd say it was the worst year to be a chaser. 2012 is competing for that spot though. The year was desperate enough it pulled me out of tornado alley and into Indiana to chase. I drove home from Indiana that night and chased in nw KS next afternoon, all for junk. It was that kinda year.


2005 was a harder year but had its moments. It was nice to see my second extreme geomagnetic storm in as many years.


2004 was hands down the craziest spring for storm chasers to chase during. There are rather wild looking storms in this section.


2003 was a tough year for me personally. It was my best year up to that point, but still, I was missing out on good events. I did get a couple amazing supercells as well as my best and closest tornado encouter on May 10(in far ne MO of all places).


2002 was an interesting year. I had about 30 chases and not once did I see a tornado. It wasn't because I was missing them on those days, but simply they weren't being produced anywhere(on the days I chased...mostly). 2002 was a very tight year. What it was not short of was beautiful storm structure. This would be the first year I buy a still camera.


Like in 2000 and in 2002, summer storms really saved my year. The most memorable chase of 2001 was certainly the July 16 chase.


"The rookie years" I guess. 1999 was my first chase year and I got lucky the first time out. In 2000 it took until late July before I could find a tornado again.