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About: I started chasing storms in 1999, after watching storms for years from town as a kid. I bought a still camera in 2002, just to have something better for the website, as the video captures weren't doing the scenes justice. In 2004 I quit my job, just because I needed a change. I've supported myself with images and dvds since then...somehow...mostly image licensing. It was never a plan at all, it just happened.

Site: The site was created back in 2000 or so. For years all I did was put up image accounts for chases or other things. I would tempt myself to stop doing those and just make a best of image site, as it would make things so much simpler and I could work at the best of images harder. Some just really want me to keep the accounts and I am. I'm now at least working harder at the whole best of images deal. Those are in the Stock and Print Images section. I plan to add other stuff as much as I can now. Like the gear talk section and the data links for weather and space weather.

Gear: As far as gear used, it's always been Canon cameras. 90% of the time it's been Canon Rebels. I now use a Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm F2.8, Zeiss 21mm F2.8, Samyang 24mm F1.4, Sigma 50mm F1.4 and Canon 100-400L F4.5-F5.6. I'm really happy with this setup now. Could use a fast 85mm(or 135mm) I guess and a different fast 50mm that doesn't coma on lights/stars at night, if there is one. This is why I have the Samyangs, they are corrected for that. The Samyang 14mm, at less than 1/6th the cost of the Canon 14mm, is night and day better at night. It's sharper as well. Thank you Samyang! The coma difference between the Samyangs and Canons is crazy. Want a fast lens for night sky, get a Samyang. Bower, Rokinon and Pro Optics are all identical...same lens rebranded with their name but they are Samyangs. They had an early 14mm that wasn't very good but updated it quickly with the silly sharp one, so caution when reading reviews.



Both of those links have some really good info on the lenses they have and Lenstip includes coma.

A Bit About Animals

I'm a huge animal lover. All life really. I hate how some animals are treated. Example. A dog on a chain is just flat out wrong. So easy for me to see how wrong it is. It boggles my mind someone can do this to their pet. Accepted things aren't always right. It's a LIFE on a chain, no other way about it. One night after a chase I saw this little dog in a backyard on a chain, sitting there all by itself in the world, looking towards this house. I hoped it was just out there for the time it takes to go potty and that that wasn't the norm of its life. I really sort of doubted that was the case. I just see this LIFE just like mine and yours with all this curiosity stuck to that pole for its little eternity. What was its point in being created if that is its life? Fed and ignored perhaps, we know this happens out there. I want to run around and cut chains when I see it's not just out going potty. Sucks there have to be pets as is, least one could do is make that animal's life as free as they possibly can. And a chain....well.....truly horrible if you stop and look at it and think.

Thinking is not the hardest thing to do. We all see the same thing(s). Wish we all could have a bit more compassion even if it means "going out of our way". Accepted things aren't always right. Take a second and look again. Open up your mind to what it is you are seeing, not the fact you are used to seeing it. Here is one way to look at it. Say 10 years is the average life span of a dog. Now think back 10 years and how long ago that was. Imagine all of the things that have happened in your life and instead of those times being free to you to do what you wanted, put your neck in a chain and strap it to a tree or pole for that whole time...long boring day after long boring day...years worth of them. And it really isn't about just pole and chain, but even just being ignored and left isolated. It is not hard to do a few things to make a LIFE better.