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I'm basically a storm photographer but also like to take pictures of other things, often weather related.  I've always loved to watch storms, but didn't start chasing them until 1999.  In 2002 I bought my first still camera.

The website name actually came from the very first chase.  The weather service had a page about that event and the extreme instability involved in the atmosphere.  I made the website at the same time, so it worked and has stuck.

Stock Image Licensing:

Interested in using an image from this site? Simply get the file number beneath the image in the Stock and Print Images section and e-mail me with the planned use details. I'm always around a computer so this can be done quite quickly. Any questions please e-mail extremeinstability(at)


Prints can be ordered in all sorts of formats and sizes in the same gallery section the stock images reside - Stock and Print Images. There is an add to cart option on all the images to the lower right side of them.

Mike Hollingshead